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8th Grade Awards

Fowler Falcons Class of 2028 Fowler Middle school 8th Grade Awards


Elective Awards:


The Fowler Band Award recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding musicianship, citizenship, and dedication in band or jazz band.

Joshua Phillips

Christopher Terrones


The Fowler Choir Award recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding musicianship, citizenship, and decication in choir.

Alicia Gregory

Maribel Hernandez


Drama awards are awarded to those students who show a talent and passion for the theater. Students who have made exceptional contributions for all three years of Fowler's school productions.

Logan Elliott

Zoe Linscott

Iris Perkins

Leah Podkranic

Fin Puskas

Tegan Zimmerman

Visual Arts

Art can be as expressive as braiding bracelets to painting portraits, or from creating a clay box to to sketching. Art can often be challenging for people to express. This award is for those who have overcome that challenge, someone who pushes their capabilities in creative thinking, problem solving and critical thinking. As much as talent can be relevant in art, so can determination to grow, succeed,  and to push one's own capabilities when faced with a challenge.

Carly Anderson

Enzo Bower

Taylor Cadman

Accalia Krieger-Chacon

Physical Education

The Physical Education Award is given to students who demonstrate great sportsmanship and lead by example. They are also someone who is trustworthy, gets others involved, and has a strong work ethic every day.

Taylor Cadman

Accalia Krieger-Chacon

Owen Lee

Faerhyn Richardson

Jordan Taylor

Lucas Woodard


The Intercambio award is for the student who engaged in the program enthusiastically and consistently.

Andrew Salinas Robles

Adaly Bazoria Castillo

Perpetual Awards:

Thomas Fowler - G.P.A.

Thomas R. Fowler, affectionately know as "Tommy" Fowler, was the principal of Tigard Junior High School, which then became the original Fowler Junior High. This school was located on the property where now sits the Tigard Rite-Aid, McDonalds and Value Village. One way to recognize his dedication to the school, the students and the community is to honor those who have earned the class's highest grade point average of 4.0 cumulative G.P.A.

Carlena Anderson

Tabatha Andrews

Wyatt Bales

Jake Barney

Taylor Cadman

Addison Champion

Kira Chan

James Do

Madelyn Godard

Alicia Gregory

Karalena Gross

Allison Jorve

Hana LaBeaux

Addie Miller

Kiera Mulkerin

Melia Myoga

Emery Oelke

Iris Perkins

Brooklyn Robinson

Sophia Service

Keaton Sweeny

Liza Weehunt

Nita Zarrabi

Bill Dolbeer - Science

Bill was a teacher Fowler for 36 years from 1954-1990. He was instrumental in designing our current building and its teaching concepts. He started TAG programs for junior high students and a creative science curriculum. He invented several positive programs for recognizing student achievement. He would strive to get people to look at things from a critical standpoint, make their own conclusions and stand up for them. He shaped the thinking  of many students and did the same for teachers who had the privilege of working with him. He was a life-long learner and later in life became an accomplished photographer who saw beauty through the lens of a camera. Science teachers give this award to students who exhibit the following qualities: an uncommon degree of curiosity, the ability to continuously question, and interest in exploring ideas in great depth.

Hager Arheim

Makaio Stanley-Alani

Dick Hinton - Math

The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence and high achievement in Fowler math courses. Dick Hinton was a math teacher at Fowler until his death on 1992. He was a man of high principles and standards, which he also maintained in his classroom.

Iris Perkins

Ellie Thov

Susan McCormick - Social Studies

Susan McCormack was a person of great integrity who defined the spirit of Social Studies. Susan was an amazing teacher who not only taught her discipline, but also taught us that our choices are important, and  everyone is capable of doing great things, both bit and small. The students who are receiving this award show the kind of integrity and civic awareness that Susan exemplified in her work and life. The purpose of this award is to recognize students who have demonstrated a high level of interest and commitment to America's past, present and future; enthusiasm for learning; and civic responsibility through a positive attitude toward classmates, school and community.

Dennis Anderson

Grant Gateley

Alicia Gregory

Addie Miller

Susan Baker - Language Arts

Language Arts teachers select the recipients of this award. The award recognizes students with an aptitude for all that Language Arts encompasses. These students are strong readers and writers, creative, insightful and dedicated. The award's namesake, Susan Baker, was a teacher at Fowler Middle School for 31 years. While she was primarily a Language Arts teacher, she also taught subjects as diverse as Home Economics and French. Even after retiring she's remained involved here at Fowler supporting our activities, teachers and curriculum. Of all the accomplishments she has experienced throughout her career, her passion remains a true love of middle school students.

Carlena Anderson

Taylor Cadman

Addison Champion

Iris Perkins

Gary Hutsell- Foreign Language

The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence and high achievement in Fowler Spanish language courses. Gary Hutsell was a Spanish teacher at Fowler until his death in 2002. Our Fowler interpretive trail has been dedicated to Senor Hutsell, a Spanish teacher and volleyball coach at Fowler and Tigard High School from 1984-2002. In addition to being a wonderful teacher and friend to Fowler staff, he was an avid fisherman and loved the outdoors.

Finnegan Nichols

Brooklyn Robinson

Dr. Charles Kingston-Leadership/Excellence

Teachers choose students who exhibit the following attributes:-* Strive for excellence; * Demonstrate civic leadership abilities; * Believe in fairness and equality for all; * Show a caring and concerned spirit towards others. Dr Kingston was the principal of Fowler from 1950 until his retirement in 1986. His leadership resulted in this building and a progressive, innovative, successful, and "ahead of it's time" school environment, which accurately reflects what we now know are key elements for excellent middle schools.

Idaly Bazoria Castillo

Adrian Delgado

Greg Brammer- Inspirational

Greg Brammer was a student at Fowler during the 1980's; he earned the respect of his peers and his teachers by his acceptance of his limitations. He did the best he could in every situation. He was a caring, sensitive, hard working young man. He lost his life in a swimming accident with a youth group the summer after he graduated from Fowler. Teachers give this award to the most inspirational students in the 8th grade. The distinctive nature of this award is to recognize students for whom learning is challenging but who give their best. Qualities found in these students  include conducting themselves responsibly, showing respect towards others and showing enthusiasm toward learning. We know that Greg would be proud that we continue to look for his outstanding qualities in our students today.

Donee Heine

Debbie Osara

Robert Armstrong - All Around Talent

The Robert Armstrong Award is given to students who exhibit and all-around talent in music, art, leadership, humor, athletics and friendliness. Robert Armstrong was a science teacher at Fowler for over 30 years. He was a soft spoken, quiet man who did not boast about his many talents. A 12 letter athlete in college, he lettered in three sports each of his four years; an actor who could disguise himself beyond recognition at the annual talent show; a remarkable gardener; an accomplished artist; and a man of deep conviction and moral character who lived his faith daily.

Jackson Kamphuis

Kiera Mulkerin

Growth and Improvement

Teachers choose students who've shown improvement in grades, social skills, maturity, responsibility and attendance during their 8th grade year at Fowler

Dennis Anderson

Elliot Foster

Oregon Middle Level- Outstanding Service

A very important function of the Oregon Middle Level Association is recognition. The students receiving this award have obtained a high grade point average, demonstrated good citizenship and strong character. In addition, these students have made a contribution above and beyond the scope of duty that benefits students and staff.

Addison Champion

Bo Anhorn

American Legion- Citizenship

The American Legion medal and certificate is presented to a boy and girl at each middle school within the Tigard-Tualatin School District. Those who receive a medal must exemplify six qualities that define character: courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service.

Wyatt Bales

Hana LaBeaux