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Fowler Hate Speech and Bias Response Plan

No Place For Hate Feathers from School Project

Fowler Hate Speech and Bias Response Plan

Revised May 2022

Comments that are harmful or hateful have no place in schools.  Fowler Middle School is committed to protecting all students, with specific attention to race, gender, and identity, and we will respond to hateful and biased occurrences in the same way as we deal with physical harm or other threats towards our students.

Our process includes:

Immediate response from Administrator, Dean, or Counselor who will then:

  • Investigate and begin a fact-finding process.  
  • Meet with the victim to learn about their direct experience.
  • Contact the family of the victim and share our understanding of what occurred.
  • Meet with students and witnesses to learn more about the incident to understand what and how it occurred.
  • Center response around the victim and identify ways to heal.
  • Contact the family of the individual causing harm.
  • Hold offending students accountable for their actions.  
    • Responses could include:
      • Restorative Conversations
      • Apologies
      • Disciplinary action up to and including detention and suspension ISS (Is School Suspension)/OSS (Out School Suspension)
  • Educate and reteach expectations for the student who caused harm.
  • Create a plan to support the victim and ensure they have a safe adult at school who they feel confident checking in with and who can check in with them.