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Affinity Groups

What is an affinity group?

"The affinity space was a place of affirmation and empowerment that we all so desperately needed. We acknowledged shared experiences in ways that were productive, valuable, and meaningful. It was a brave space that preserved our dignity as a people." - Trina Moore-Southall


Free for students, all are welcome

A place for students to learn about and celebrate their culture and heritage. Held on Wednesdays in Room 5 with Ms. Glick, Ms. Korak and Mr. Simonoff. 

Pacific Islander Affinity


Black Student Union

A safe place for all Black and multiracial students to join in community, and celebrate affinity together.

Held on Tuesdays in Room 18 with Mx. Ash and Mr. Devonte.



Solutions is a year-round leadership program that engages student voice and participation among business and community leaders. Students participate in activities related to our four curriculum modules: Civic Engagement,ŸHealth, ŸEducation, ŸBusiness & Entrepremeurship. Meets Wednesday and Thursdays in Room 32 with Mr. Devonte Cullum.


The goals of MEChA are to promote and recruit students into higher education, retain our cultural identity, preserve and study our history, maintain ties with our community, and become politically active. Some of the activities that we have done in the past are Loteria night, workshops (what Cinco de Mayo isn't, Mujeres in Latina America), also bringing in speakers from our community and fundraisers for our affinity group. Held on Wednesday in Room 27 with Mr. Torres.

Life Gets Better Together


For students who identify as or support members of the LGBTQ+ community. Members work to manifest a safe and caring space where students can explore and express their identities. We work to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ issues and to spread awareness about inequitable treatment within our community. Held on Wednesdays in the Drama Room with Mx. Ash, Ms. Dani, and Ms. Olivia.


 Middle Eastern/ North African/South Asian

A group for all students of Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian heritage. It's a fun place to discuss the different parts of culture that help bring us together. We advocate for the people of the region and try to educate people about culture. Held on Tuesdays in Room 29 with Mr. Gay.